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Free Classic Bow Tutorial

Learn how I make my classic wreath bow. I use this all the time, especially around Christmas!

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VIP Wreath Making Group

Learn to wreath like a pro in this VIP group where I teach the art of wreath making and selling

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Get the list of my favorite places to get wreath making supplies. Both wholesale and retail!

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The doors to the Wreath Making VIP Group are closed now, but will open again in fall 2024!

Click below to learn more about this private group.  Learn how to wreath like a pro with an amazing community of wreath makers. 


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Sandy- BrookesideDesign

I love being a VIP member. Jenny responds to all of our questions patiently and in great detail. I love love love her trend videos. They are so on point. She has so many tips and tricks she shares and she doesn't hold back any information. She will explain why she chose a specific greenery or floral, and explain the color, size, texture, and all the things when it comes to selecting the materials for your wreaths. We get excellent advice both on wreath making as well as wreath selling. The list goes on and on.


I am thoroughly enjoying the VIP group. I am not only benefitting from Jenny's tutorials and accessibility, but from the questions that come up within the group. I found Jenny on YouTube a couple years ago and I have learned so much. Being a member of the VIP group has given me access to even more great content and our Etsy shop had our best month last month.


My favorite thing about the VIP group is the variety of the format. It is great to get Jenny's hands on expertise, listen to the Q&A sessions, see the shop critiques, etc. It makes the group very interesting. I thought I know what I was doing with wreath making and found out I had a lot to learn and still do. Jenny's skill and techniques have made learning really enjoyable. I have learned so much from Jenny's experiences with her shop in additions to her wreath making skills. The knowledge has been plentiful and invaluable.