Hey there! I'm Jenny

Ready to start leveling up your wreath making skills? Then you're in the right place!

I'm ready!

Hey there, I’m Jenny!

Ready to start leveling up your wreath making skills? Then you're in the right place! 

I'm ready!

Want to learn how to make wreaths like a pro?

Do you get overwhelmed when going into the floral section at a craft store? Don't know where to start, and you second guess yourself? 

Do you dream of one day starting a side business selling your creations, but you just don't have the confidence and are scared to start? 

Do you buy too many florals, and then don't know what to do with them all?

Does shipping wreaths freak you out?

Do you see a beautiful wreath, and want to make it for yourself, but you don't know exactly how to do it or where to find the supplies?

If you answered yes to any of these, you're going to LOVE this group!! I am SO EXCITED to help you figure all this out, step by step AND give you a brand new featured wreath tutorial every month. 

  • Connect and learn with a community of other wreath makers who are all learning how to better their skills. 
  • Get new monthly wreath making tutorials of on trend wreaths, along with a detailed list of everything I used and where I got it
  • LIVE Q&A calls every month to answer your exact questions in more detail (no you don't have to be at the lives. Everything is recorded and saved into the group!)
  • Get feedback directly from me on how to improve your wreath designs
  • A library of resources and tutorials for every level, beginner to advanced. And EVERY tutorial has a detailed supply list with every item I used, where I got it, and the sku or item number and some alternative suggestions
  • Wreath and Etsy shop critiques


Doors are closed now, but will open again in fall 2024!

You don't need to go on this wreath making journey alone. I am here to help you reach your wreath making goals.


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Shyla- Encircled Wreath

"I literally and honestly don't know where I would be in my business today if it wasn't for Jenny's advice and wisdom. THEN I became a VIP member and became even more blown away than ever before! Why? There is a TON of helpful and vital information that Jenny generously shares with her members. She likes to keep things simple and therefore has thoughtfully organized these teachings into sections, making it easy for us to navigate through. Jenny is also very engaging, caring, and responds to questions promptly. I'm obviously a BIG FAN and always will be because Jenny is clearly a rare gem."


Periwinkle and Pine Primrose and Pinecones

I appreciate the convenience of the group. If I have a question for you or other members, I can post my question and usually get quick responses. Conversely, I can take my time watching the instructional videos and log on when it is convenient for me. Jenny's easy-to-follow instruction and videos have definitely helped me improve. I’ve seen improvement in my wreath making skills, my shop's overall performance, and in my confidence as a wreath-maker. This is a big one for me. It's almost my shop's one year anniversary, and I have made 187 sales in my shop! Woohoo! Jenny has been an incredible mentor. Being in the group has given me extra instruction, answers to questions I have as an Etsy Shop owner, and extra support. Jenny's instruction and commitment to our group is unparalleled. It's not just a wreath-making community group, it’s a connected peer group. I’m pretty quiet in the group, but I know I can always find instruction, support, and answers within our group. I also appreciate that Jenny mentions other possibilities for wreaths you are making. We may not always be able to find and purchase the exact materials, but Jenny provides many options and give details I couldn’t get from YouTube alone.



This group has been incredible for me. In March I had never ever made a wreath before and now I sell them. I cannot believe it! I have not started an Etsy shop yet but I am planning to do so. And I will be following all the tutorials on the group to help me start up. The biggest thing for me is having all the help I need with just the touch of a button.  My questions are always answered. The group has such a friendly, warm and helpful community. I just wouldn’t want to be without it. 


Being in the group has really improved my wreath making skills. Watching the tutorials has given me the confidence to change and adapt what Jenny shows us to use with what materials we can lay our hands on. My Favourite thing about being in the VIP group is feeling part of a special community, and this is due to Jenny making us feel very included. The levels are so easy to follow and really helpful in our wreath making journey. I have learned so much from the tutorials and I love the fact you can just keep going back to watch again if you need to. I would say every step is useful. The live wreath making tutorials are brilliant and even if you miss the live you can catch up. I like the fact the content is specially for VIPs.